Strategic Plan

The OIG’s five-year strategic plan for 2022–2026 outlines its goals and objectives in promoting the efficiency, effectiveness, and integrity of VA’s operations.

Strategic Plan 2022-2027 - Road

It also describes the strategies that will advance the OIG’s efforts to deter and address fraud and other crimes, waste, and abuse of authority. The OIG’s oversight efforts focus on five core areas:

  • Help ensure veterans receive prompt access to exemplary health care
  • Make recommendations that facilitate the swift delivery of benefits and superior services to eligible veterans and other beneficiaries
  • Identify and implement how VA can make the most responsible use of its appropriated funds
  • Address failures in governance and leadership that cut across VA programs and operations
  • Encourage innovation and recommend enhancements to VA’s infrastructure and systems, such as those that affect all IT, predictive analysis, and financial or other management systems

The OIG honors its commitment to veterans, their families, and caregivers by ensuring that the work of its approximately 1,100 personnel is grounded in the principles of independence, transparency, and fairness, as well as the drive to improve the lives of veterans across the nation.

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